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Recruitment is essential. Vacant positions need to be filled. Business growth requires more staff. megajobs is essential for the recruitment needs of any business enterprise. Become a Featured Employer - please contact our support team: support@megajobs.lk

Illustration Electronic recruitment is widely accepted. E-recruitment is fast and efficient.

But are you facing the following issues with e-recruitment?

Firstly - job advertisements posted on your corporate website are not seen by the right people thereby compelling you to advertise in newsprint. A good-sized colourful eye-catching newsprint advert is expensive and seen only on ONE day. Wouldn't it be better if your vacancy was visible for MANY days so that more candidates will apply and give you a better choice when hiring? Are you looking for a cost-effective solution to advertise as and when you want?

The other problem is that unless you have a good recruitment system to organize and manage job applications you invariably have to print CVs and undertake time-consuming manual tasks such as application grading, short-listing, interview scheduling etc. Wouldn’t your HR team benefit by having a user-friendly electronic recruitment system which eliminates paper and shares information easily and quickly resulting in fast and accurate decision making?

introducing megajobs – a comprehensive e-recruitment system
megajobs is a job advertising system that will let you advertise unlimited vacancies for staff recruitment at a fixed annual cost.
megajobs is a reliable and secure internet-based SaaS recruitment system that manages and streamlines ALL recruitment activities - beginning with advertising the vacancy and upto choosing the best candidate.
megajobs is by far the best value-for-money Job Advertising and Recruitment System for Sri Lanka.

megajobs – features and benefits
Unlimited self-service on-demand vacancy advertising – visible all the time – 24 hours per day, seven days per week, for as long as you want.
A software service delivered over the internet (Software as a Service - SaaS). No CAPEX. No spending on hardware or software. Register with megajobs today for an annual subscription and start using it immediately. You only need access to the internet.
Candidates can apply directly via email to you OR apply confidentially online using a well-structured application form.
Establish a database of jobseekers to search and fill an urgent vacancy.
Easily find the best applicants electronically using search criteria e.g. qualifications, location, age, etc. Or shortlist at the click of a button, using the short-listing criteria set by you.
Schedule interviews, and save the interview results using customized interview templates and then rank interview performance at the click of a button.
Set up a careers site for your company to describe the corporate culture, career paths, company benefits etc.
Promote your Company and link through to your corporate web site.
Get a variety of management reports on your recruitment process, including applicant analysis, vacancy view-counts, and more.
Vacancies are 'pushed' out to registered jobseekers via weekly email-outs and RSS feeds.
Enjoy paperless recruitment. megajobs converts applications to Adobe PDF for easy distribution. Or simply share your corporate recruitment database with your HR team which can be in different offices, locations or countries.
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